Our PJ Manifesto

We've spent about 1/3 of our lives wearing pajamas so we've had a lot of time to think about what Tomorrow Sleepwear is all about. Here's our manifesto...

1. Pajamas MUST have pockets.

2. We are Team Nightgown. That doesn't mean we won't make other types of pajamas but really we're Team Nightgown.

3. Pajamas should have a little stretch to them. We prefer knit over woven.

4. Women's pajamas can and should be in colors other than baby pink and baby blue. 

5. Cutesy prints and patterns are, well, cutesy. We aim to provide modern prints and patterns. 

6. We strive to leave the world better than we found it. That means we use ethically-run factories with sustainable practices, our materials are organic, and we make a significant (for us) commitment to today's young people. 

7. 10% is the new 1%. 

This is our manifesto as of April 2022. It may change. Tomorrow is unknown, but full of possibilities.