Are your garments organic cotton?

Indeed they are!

Why is organic cotton important?

Organic cotton is grown without chemicals, protecting the soil. It also uses less water.

Will your garments shrink?

All cotton will shrink a bit when it's washed and dried but we've factored that into our production process and tried to consider normal people, washing their clothing in normal ways. (We're not expecting you to line dry your clothing.) You should expect the length of our garments to shrink about a half inch to three-quarters of an inch. 

Where do you manufacture your garments?

Our garments are manufactured in India, by a GOTS-certified sustainable clothing factory. To ensure ethical production practices, fair trade policies are in place. 

Why do you only have one garment available in two prints?

Thank you for believing in us and wanting more already! But hey, we're just starting out. Getting to one garment in two prints is a big accomplishment for us. We gotta test things out and figure out how this whole selling-clothing-online thing works.

What charities will you donate your 10% of profits to?

We have a shortlist. First, we're going to make some money. Then, once our books are closed for the year and our donations have been made, we will let you know!